Posted by: atxanna | August 28, 2008

CARA– A Broken Heart for the Local Community

A few weeks ago, our church made this video-testimony of a girl who is a partner at Austin Stone.  I actually found it on YouTube the week before it was suppose to “air” at church and I cried almost all the way through.  Since then, I keep going back to it.  I get goosebumps and wells of tears in my eyes each time I watch it.  I barely know Cara, personally, but this story moves me and stirs my heart to love people more with the love Christ shows me.  Cara is an ordinary woman who lives out her faith everyday in her job, right here in Austin.  I want to share her story with you… may she touch your heart as she’s touched mine!



  1. Hi, Anna. We don’t know each other personally, but I found this blog through mutual friends and I LOVE it! I am so inspired each time you post something new. Thank you for sharing the life testimonies of these amazing sisters in the Lord!

  2. That was pretty incredible. Made me cry too. 🙂
    Great blog Anna…

  3. Yay! And now Cara may be going with you on an adventure to a place I love. I love how the Lord works things out…and I love you, miss Anna!

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